DISCLAIMER: This post is hypothetical; operating a theme park is not for everyone. I would rather never see it’s fruition opposed to it meeting an imminent demise. 

That being said, let’s talk about an Activision themed amusement park.
Being the original poster, I will leave my ideas here, along with the hopes to see the response of the like-minded community.

“Activision Land”


ZONE: Activation Hub
A better place to enter/leave the park and its other zones.


The Shipyard
Battle Bay Cafe



ZONE: The Blizzard

Welcome Center: 
Hearthstone Inn
A place to start / end your day. 
(Information / First-aid / Lockers / Ect...)


Lion’s Pride Kitchen
Thunderbluff Steak House
The Overwatch (with a Starbucks of-course)


Azerite Knights:
Ever heard of of Medieval Knights? 
Side with your faction, order your meal & enjoy the show; Azeroth style of-course. Oh and don’t forget to let your rivals know who is best from across the arena.


Ride 1: Dealing With Diablo

A classic “dark ride” rollercoaster taking riders through some of the most memorable moments of the Diablo franchise, hoping of-course to retrieve their souls from the grips of death himself.

Ride 2: The Portal Room

A “simulator ride” in which riders are taken through a journey to save Azeroth from never-ending fleets of Scourge.

Ride 3: Starcraft: Launchpad
A Starcraft themed “drop tower”.

Ride 4: Heart of Azeroth
5 player AR Legion themed dungeon experience.
Guest chose their class & role at the Hearthstone Inn earlier in the day when arriving at the park. At the ride they enter role based queue lines. Their “Battle Pass” swipes the AR gear, they gain 5 relevant abilities including a taunt or feint, a single target damage or heal, an AoE damage or heal, a CC or dispel & a trinket. They can activate these abilities with the fingers of one glove *left* & can target enemies (damage/tank) or friends (healer) with the fingers of the other hand*right*.

ZONE: The Military Ward


The Barracks (CoD: WWII)
Wolfenstein Butchery


Ride 1: Doom Coaster
(Doom themed dark ride coaster)

Ride 2: Zombies!
(“4D Simulator track ride”. Riders are taken on the back if a war truck with mounted rifles that they use to shoot onscreen zombies.)

Ride 3: Destiny Adventure Coaster
(Destiny themed dark ride coaster)


ZONE: Arcade & Play


Crash’s Landing
Spiro’s Spire
The Candy Crush Shop


Ride 1: Warcraft Carrousel

Ride 2: Spiro’s Flight 
(Kid Coaster)

Ride 3: Crash Team Racing
(Cars racing ride *on a controlled track*)

Ride 4: Lost Vikings
(Dragon-swing viking ship)

Ride 5: Crazy Taxi
(Mr. Toad/Roger Rabbit like Crazy Taxi ride.)

Ride 6: Skylander’s Arcade