Space Time (Game)


A - Jump / Juke (Hold + flick LS directionally)
X - Special Ability / Reload (Hold)
B - Crouch (Press) / Prone (Hold)
Y - Swap Weapons / Special Grapple (Grappled)
LB - Special Grenade *2 charges* / Defend (Grappled)
LT - Scope (Hold) / Toss (Grappled)
RB - Special AOE / Trip (Grappled)
RT - Shoot / Stab / Kick / Tackle (Grappled)
LS - Move / Sprint (Hold)
RS - Aim / Gun Melee (Press) Shoulder Check (Press, Sprinting) / Attempt to Grapple (Hold)


Nether Walker

Ability: Charge
15sec CD
Charge forward 20yards, knocking down enemies in your path for 0.5sec.

Grenade: Hammer Bomb
45sec CD
Explodes stunning all enemies in 15 yards for 2sec.

AOE: Sweep
35sec CD
Knock down enemies in a 8yard cone in front of you for 0.5sec.

Grappled: Impale
35sec CD
Impale the enemy with a spear, dealing 500% knife damage, slowing their movement speed by 75% for 2sec.

Tackle Passive: Slack
When you are tackled you take 50% less damage for 3sec.

Solar Sorcerer

Ability: Dive
25sec CD
Dive forward 30yards.

Grenade: Shrapnel Bomb
45sec CD
Explodes dealing 1in 15 yards.

AOE: Net
30sec CD
Root enemies in a 8yard cone in front of you for 2.5sec.

Grappled: Breaker
35sec CD
Break the enemies will, taking control of their grapple on you.

Tackle Passive: Embrace
When you tackle an enemy you deal 75% more damage for 1.5ec.


Ability: Stealth
35sec CD
You become invisible for 3sec.

Grenade: Glaive Toss
55sec CD
Throw a glaive forward 35yards that then returns to you, dealing 250% knife damage to enemies when they are hit.

AOE: Shave
45sec CD
Jump to every enemy within 25yards dealing 350% knife damage, ending at the furthest opponent, slow down all enemies hit by 50% for 2.5sec.

Grappled: Cheap Shot
20sec CD
Stun the enemy for 2 sec.

Tackle Passive: Vanish
When you are tackled you become invisible for 2sec.

Dark Sorcerer

Ability: Spring
30sec CD
You leap to the nearest enemy within 30yards.

Grenade: Cascade
40sec CD
Bounces to enemies within 25yards, ending on the furthest opponent, stunning them for 1.5sec.

AOE: Ship
25sec CD
Dive forward 10yards. Slowing all enemies in your path by 50% for 3sec.

Grappled: Graze
45sec CD
Slow the enemy by 50% for 5sec.

Tackle Passive: Avoidance
When you tackle an enemy you dodge melee attacks and grapples for 2sec.


Ability: Stride
30sec CD
You stride forward 20yards, knocking back enemies struck 10yards.

Grenade: Crusader Bomb
50sec CD
Explodes, disorienting enemies within 25yards for 2sec.

AOE: Holy Stomp
35sec CD
Stomp the ground around you, knocking down enemies in 10yards for 1sec.

Grappled: Overrun
35sec CD
Overrun the enemy knocking them down for 0.5sec and charging forward 10yards.

Tackle Passive: Holy Guard
When you are tackled you are healed for 20% of your health.


Ability: Blink
5sec CD
Blink forward 5yards.

Grenade: Magic Bomb
30sec CD
Explodes, incapacitating all enemies within 25yards for 1sec.

AOE: Implode
25sec CD
Implode, dealing 500% knife damage to all enemies within 25yards and 500% knife damage yourself.

Grappled: Torch
25sec CD
Burn the enemy, dealing 250% knife damage and increasing the damage they take by 50% for 3sec.

Tackle Passive: Escape
You have a 50% chance to not be effected by a tackle.


Ability: Retreat
15sec CD
Blink backward 10yards.

Grenade: Curse Bomb
20sec CD
Explodes, dealing 150% knife damage over 5sec to all enemies in 25yards.

AOE: Spread Curse
8sec CD
Spread the curse to unaffected enemies within 25yards of effected enemies.

Grappled: Grave Stone
45sec CD
Transfer all damage you take to the effected enemy for 1.5sec.

Tackle Passive: Payback
When you are tackled, the attacker is effected by your curse bomb effect.

Stellar Knight

Ability: Divine Run
35sec CD
Increases your sprint speed by 70% for 7sec.

Grenade: Prayer Bomb
45sec CD
Explodes, healing all friendly players within 40yards for 25% health over 6sec.

AOE: Renewing Prayer
15sec CD
Renews the duration of your prayer bomb on effected players.

Grappled: Ease
35sec CD
Reduce the damage you take by 50% for 10sec.

Tackle Passive: Elaborate
When you are tackled, you also tackle the attacker.


Ability: Loop
25sec CD
Blink to the closest friendly player within 30yards, then back to your previous location 5sec later.

Grenade: Nature Bomb
50sec CD
Explodes, healing friendly players in 50yards for 50% health and rooting enemies within 50yards for 2sec.

AOE: Spirit Call
35sec CD
Prevent friendly players within 50yards from taking any damage for 1.5sec.

Grappled: Brave
35sec CD
Prevents you from taking any damage for 1.5sec.

Tackle Passive:
When you are tackled you become immune to all effects for 2.5sec.


Pick 2:

Sniper (8clip) *1 head, 2 body*
Carbine (18clip) *2 head, 5 body*
Assault Rifle (35clip) *10 head, 20 body*
Shotgun (12clip) *3 head, 5 body*
Pistol (15clip) [movement speed +8%] *6 head, 9 body*
Knife [movement speed +15%] *7 stabs to kill*


Stuns blur vision and prevent action.
Disorients blur vision and slow aiming.
Incapacitate prevents shooting, attacking or using abilities.
When you tackle an enemy they are knocked down for 0.5sec and you crouch. Tackle has a 15sec CD.
Toss throws the enemy to the ground, knocking them down for 0.5sec.
Toss has a 15sec CD.
Trip knocks down the enemy fir 0.5sec.
Trip has a 15sec CD.
Gun Melee deals 125% knife damage.
Gun Melee has a 1.5sec CD.
Using Gun Melee with a knife causes 250% knife damage.
Shoulder check deals 150% knife damage and knocks the enemy down for 0.5sec.
Shoulder check has a 3sec CD.
When you prone you move 85% slower and take 25% more damage.
When you are crouched you take 15% less damage and move 50% slower.
Sprint increases movement speed by 100% for 4sec.
Sprint has a 4sec CD after exiting a sprint.
Being effected by a slow, disorient, incapacitate or stun causes you to stop sprinting.
While sprinting you can only shoulder check or attempt to grapple.
You can attempt to grapple while sprinting, crouched or walking, but not while proned.
Grapples can only hold an enemy for 1.5sec.
Attempt to Grapple has a 2.5sec CD.
There is no gear.
All health pools are created equal.


CTF, Base Control, Hold Object and Kill Count game modes on small maps.


Realistic blood vision head damage, aiming arm damage, movement leg damage.
There is no radar but teammates are highlighted with an outline through walls.
Your 5 cooldowns are displayed as icons with a timer.