Source: Rage and Combo Points
Use: duel weild 1hs
Wear: Leather


Thief (dps)
Pirate (dps)
Mercenary (dps)


T1 (Passive)
Spine: Nerve
Reduces physical damage taken by 15%.

Spine: Core
Reduces magic damage taken by 15%.

Spine: Vice
Your auto attack heal you for 25% of the damage.

T2 (Passive)
You deal 25% more damage to enemies above 35% health.

You deal 15% more damage.

You deal 40% more damage to enemies below 15% health.

T3 (Passive)
When your enemy target falls below 50% health you copy a beneficial spell active on them. 
Can only occure once every 10sec. 40yard Range.

Causes your Vitals ability to heal an extra 10% of the healing over 5sec and shield you for 100% of the damage it heals untill destroyed.
Effect stacks.
Causes Vitals to also heal you for 1% total health every second.

When you damage a target for more than 25% of thier current health you cannot be slowed for 2second.

T4 (Passive)
Rebel Cause: Reform
When you criticaly strike an enemy you gain 10% extra crit for 5seconds.

Rebel Cause: Demise
When you criticaly strike an enemy they recieve 25% less healing for 5sec.

Rebel Cause: Cringe
When you criticly strike an enemy they are rooted for 1.5 sec. (No Diminish)

T5 (Passive)
You deal 50% more damage when below 30% health.

When a raid member in 40 yards takes damage you are healed for 1% of the damage.

When you recieve over healing the most injured party member in 40yards is healed for 125% of it.

T6 *G*
Cage Wrath
40sec CD 10rage 20yard range.
Reduce the damage the enemy deals by 15% and they suffer 10% of the damage they do. 
Last 10sec.

Cage Spirit
40sec CD 10rage. 20yard range.
Reduce the healing the enemy does by 20% and they recieve damage equal to 20% of the damage they heal. Last 10sec.

Cage Source
40sec CD 10rage. 20yard range.
Reduces the enemy targets power by 10% and increases power cost by 10%.
Last 10sec.

T7 *T*
Tripwire: Snare
30sec CD
Lay tripwire at your location.
When approched by an enemy it slows all enemies in a 30yard range by 30% for 15sec.

Tripwire: Root
30sec CD
Lay tripwire at your location.
When approched by an enemy it roots all enemies in a 15 yards for 5sec.

Tripwire: Alarm
30sec CD
Lay tripwire at your loction.
When approched by an enemy it places a mark on them allowing you to track them and preventing stealth in a 8yard range.
Last 10sec.



Destructive Blow *1*
100% rage. Melee Range.
Strike the enemy for 300% weapon damage plus 2% weapon damage per 1 rage and 1% of thier total and current health. Can only be used on enemies below 10%.
Generates 15  rage.
Killing Blows generate a combo point.

Diminishing Strike*2*
15sec CD 10Rage  Melee Range
Strike the enemy for 200% weapon damage per weapon and reducing their stats by 10% for 5sec.
Crits generate 5rage.

Reverberating Strike *3*
10sec CD 10Rage. Melee Range 
Strike the enemy with both weapons dealing 225% weapon damage each and healing you for 10% of the total damage.
This attack cannot miss.
Generates 1combo point.

Vengful Strike *4*
Melee Range
Strike the enemy for 120% weapon damage plus 10% of that damage.
Generates 5 Rage.
Crit also generates a combo point.

Bandit Mark *s~*
Leave behind your mark allowing you to teleport to it using Corolate.

Freelance *mb1*
6sec CD 5rage + (CP) increase movement speed with combo point bonuses. Uses highest amount of speed when consuming combo points.
0cp: 30% for 15sec.
1cp: also Breaks Snare
2cp: 50% for 12sec.
3cp: also Breaks Roots
4cp: 70% for 9sec.
5cp: also Become immune to Root and Snare for 6sec.

Corolate *mb3*
25sec CD 20yard Range
Teleport to your Bandit Mark.

Slight of Hand *s4*
15sec CD 25Rage.
Increase your melee attack speed by 10% for 20sec.
Effect stacks 10x.

Release Rage *Q*
Consume rage to increase damage done by 5% per 20 rage for 20sec.
Effect stacks 4x.

Round Up *W*
Deal 85% weapon damage in 8yards. If the same enemy is hit by this ability again they are slowed by 50% for 1sec.
If more than 3 enemies are effected you gain a combo point. 
Critical strikes generate 5rage.

Refine Strikes *A*
30sec CD 10rage
Increases your parry by 15% for 10sec.

Scandle *S*
15sec CD. 10Range. Melee Range.
Reduce the targets movement speed by 50% for 15sec. If the target remains closer than 15yards after 5sec they are stunned for 5sec. If they are 15yards or further they are rooted for 5seconds.

Convert War *A*
1min CD 10rage.
Cause attacks against you to generate 1rage. Also reduces damage taken by 10%.
Last 10sec.

Vitals *r*
Consume combo points to heal you for (2/4/6/8/10%) of your total and current health and 1% of the amount healed every second for 5seconds.

Your Critical strikes heal you for 5% of the damage.

You take 5% less damage from all sources and attackers are slowed by 25% for 2second every 10sec.

Sinister Dominance
When a raid member deals a criticly strike you gain 1 rage.

Steady Rage
Generate 1 rage every 10 sec.


Hide *Z*
(0-5 Combo Points)
Enter stealth for (1-6) seconds.
Usable in combat.

Deadly Deed *X
40sec CD
Redirect all damage to the nearest enemy for 2sec.
Usable while stunned.

Presist *C*
45sec CD
Avoid the next harmful spell used on you. Last 10sec.

Virtue *v*
1min CD (Combo Points)
If you go below
(10-50%) in the next (10-50sec) you vanish for (1-5sec.)

Cycle Shadow *5*
15Rage. 25yard Range.
Deal 75% weapon damage and causing 100% of the damage as shadow damage over 5sec.
Critical strike generates a combo point.

Confuse *s1*
8sec CD
Confuse the target, disorienting them for 3 sec.

Steal Hope *s2*
10sec CD 10Rage. 25yard Range.
Consume Hoplessness stacks on the target dealing 250% weapon damage as shadow damage and healing you for 10% of the damage and 5% current health per stack.
Critical Strikes generate a combo point.

Swindle *s3*
45sec CD. 10yad Range.
Causes the next harmful spell the enemy cast to effect them instead.
A helpful spell effects you instead.

Siphon Shadow *E*
25 yard range.
Causes enemies to bleed for 100% of the damage they take from Cycle Shadow over 10sec. Last 15sec.
Damage stacks.
You are healed for 100% of the bleed damage dealt.
Usable after Cycle Shadow crits.

When you deal a critical strike the target takes 10% of the damage over 5seconds.

Mastery: Con
Critical strikes against you heal you for @% of the damage.


Tides of War *Z*
10yard range.
Surf the tides of war to the target.

Pirates Curse *X*
2min CD.
All targets that are attacking you split 100% of the damage you take for the next 5sec instead of you.

Storm Eyes *C*
Consume combo points to gain the combat bonuses. Includes preceeding buff.
0cp: 5% Health and Stamina
1cp: 5% Armor and Spell resist
2cp: 5% Dodge and Parry
3cp: 5% Hit and Expertese
4cp: 5% Crit, Haste and Mastery
5cp: 10% less damage taken.
Last: (5/10/15/20/25/30)sec.

Undertow *v*
2min CD
Places Undertow on the enemy target Undertow heals you for 90% of the damage they do for 5sec.
Only usable on targets with less than 20% health or when you are below 20%.
When used on an enemy with less than 20% health the cooldown is reset.

Parot: Assault *5*
Cause your parot to attack the enemy for 200% physical damage.
Critical strikes generate a combo point.

Safty Net *s1*
25sec CD 10rage Melee Range.
Root the target in place for 5sec.
If you take damage while standing on the net you generate 5 rage.

Deprive *s2*
15sec CD 10rage. + (CP)
20yard Range.
Consume combo points to strike the enemy for (100/130/170/200/250%) weapon damage and 25% of that damage over 10seconds as bleed damage. If the enemy is below 25% health they recieve 50% more damage.

Objection *s3*
25sec CD Melee Range.
Inturrupts the school of magic for 4sec and silence the target for 2sec.

Consume Deprive *E*
Consume your deprive bleed effect on the target healing you for 100% of the damage it has dealt. Generates 5rage.

Call Parot *N*
Summon your Parot to assist you.

Parot Watch
Your Parots auto attacks cause you to generate 1 rage.

Mastery: Sail
Your combo point consuming abilities are @% more effective.


Disguise *Z*
1min CD
You disguise yourself as the enemy, their faction cannot attack you.
Using this ability again cancels the effect. Entering combat cancels the effect. Cannot be used in combat.
Last 25sec.

Step Ahead *X*
30sec CD 5rage + (0-5cp)
You become camofloged while moving, obscure from attacks.
Last (1/2/3/4/5)sec.

Step Behind *C*
40sec 5rage
The next time you are effected by an attack you teleport behind the target.

Retreat *v*
15sec CD 
You enter improoved stealth for 2sec.

Torch *5*
5-40yard Range: 1combo point.
Torch the enemy dealing 100% weapon damage and 50% of that damage as fire damage over 10sec.
Generates 5rage.

Coherce *s1*
25sec CD. 10Rage. Melee Range.
Fear the enemy for 4sec. If they are immune the cooldown is reset.
(No diminish)

Capitalize *s2*
5sec CD 10 Rage. 25yard range.
Consume the burn effect from your Throw Torch on the target dealing 150% of the damage again over 5sec. Generates 1 combo point and 10 rage.

Shun *s3*
8sec CD 5rage + (1-5cp) 
Melee Range.
Interrupt the enemy, preventing them from using that class of magic for (2-6sec) and silencing enemies in 20 yards of them for (0-4sec)

Fan Flames *E*
10sec.CD 10rage.
Spread the burn effect to enemies within 15 yards of all effected targets. This burn damage and durration stack.
If you hit more than 3 enemies you gain 1 combo point.
Critical strikes grant 5rage.

Mastery: Inside Job
Your rage consuming abilities have a @% chance to generate a combo point.


Your Vitals abilities use rage instead and heal you for 5% per 10 rage.

Reduces the cooldown and range of your Corolate by 10.

Bandit Mark
Allows you to place two bandit marks. (You teleport to the furthest mark in range.) Increases Corolates cooldown by 10sec.


Resource: [Any]
Wear: Leather
Uses: Spells
Mastery: Increases agility and spell power by @%.


Copycat: Panther
Moves 25% faster and does 10% more damage.

Copycat: Lion
Moves 5% faster 25% more health. 15% more damage

Copycat: Lynx
Moves 10% faster and does 25% more damage.

Urne: Trance
Enemies in your Urne are disoriented for 1sec for every 5sec.
No deminish.

Urne: Clutch
Enemies in your Urne are immobilized for 2sec every 5sec.
No deminish.

Urne: Explosive
Knocks all enemies back 5yard but explodes. Deals 150% weapon damage.

Leech Healing 
Heals you for 10% of all damge you deal.

Leech Protection
You  gain a shield that obsorbs damage equal to 5% of the damage you deal. You also obsorb 5% of all damage taken.

Leech Power
Restores 5% power every 5sec.

Silent Crescendo
Damage done is increased by half of the percentage of health you have remaining.

While above 50% health all damage done is increased by 25%.
While bellow 50% health all healing recieved is increased by 25%.

Sensable Support
All damage done increased by 5%, also increases all healing recieved by 50%.

Mentality: Sligh
+5% Haste

Mentality: Purpose
+5% Mastery

Mentality: Crucial
+5% Crit

Revenge Reflex: Cooldown
Reduces its cooldown by 10sec.

Revenge Reflex: Durration
Increases the durations by 1sec.

Revenge Reflex: Cost
Reduces the cost by 100%.


Morose *1*
Attemp to kill the target dealing 275% spell damage as physical damage. 
Crits cause Remorse to deal 10% of the damage Morose has caused in the past 10sec for 10sec.

Remorse *2*
15% Resource. 35yard Range.
Deals 50% magic damage as physical damage every 0.5sec for 5sec.
Usable after you kill a target with Morose.

Reverse Reaction *3*
35sec CD. 15% resource.
Reverse the current stun and silence effects active on you back onto their casters.

Imagined Strikes *4*
5sec CD. 15% resource. 40yard Range.
Deals 150% magic damage as physical damage every 1sec for 5sec.

Realize Strikes *5*
10sec CD. 15% resource.
Causes the target to bleed for 100% of the damage they take from your Imagined Strikes for 10sec.

Shatter Weapon  *s1*
45sec CD.
Reduces the enemies expertise by 50% for 5sec.

Urne *s2*
25sec CD.
You create a 5x5yard digital box that deals 125% weapon damage to all enemies inside every 1sec. Last 10sec.

Torn *s3*
10sec CD. 15% resource.
Reduces the enemies cast speed by 25% for 10sec.

Train Mind *s4*
15sec CD.
Reduces the cooldown of the abilities you use in the next 5seconds by 10% for one rotation.

Mirror Resource *Z*
Mirror the enemy targets exact resource and amount to use as your own.

Timed Escape *X*
1.5min CD. 5% Resource.
The next time you take melee damage blink forward 15yards.

Reflection *C*
2min CD.
Reflect the next harmful spell used against you.

Advert *v*
3min CD.
The next time you take damage you become invincible and invisible for 3sec.

Capture Avoidance *A*
2min CD. 10% resource.
Increases all of your avoidances by 10% for 10sec.

Copy Speed *S*
20sec CD. 10% resource. 30yards.
Copy a movement speed increasing effect from the enemy target.

Frame *F*
2min CD. 15% resource.
The enemy target takes 15% of all damage they do. Last 30sec.

Copy Spell *G*
20% Resource.
Copy the next spell used by the enemy. Only one spell can be coppied.

Construct *Q*
3min CD 50% resource.
Place construct on the target.
For every 20% total health they lose you are healed for 5% total health.
Only usable on one target at a time.
Last 1min.

Disolve *W*
15% resource.
Cause 75% spell damage to all enemies in 10yard range every 0.5sec for 1sec.

Mimmok *E*
1charge. 5% resource.
Use the copied spell.

Leech Healing *r*
25sec CD.
Steal 15% of all healing the enemy target recieves.
Last 5sec.

Revenge Reflex *T*
2min CD. 15% resource.
Reverse all disorient, charm and fear effects currently active on you back to thier casters.

Copycat *s~*
Call your copy cat.
A phycic celestial cat that follows you arround and mimmoks your abilities to all enemies in 5yards.
These attacks deal 25% of the damage and last only last 1sec each but have no deminish.
Cats crit chance incresed by 5%.


Wear: leather
Source: Focus


Uses: Ranged

Uses: Equipt 1dagger that is used as a throwing knives.

Uses: 2 daggers.


Nimble: Survival
You are healed for 5% of all damage you deal.

Nimble: Quick
Increases movement speed by 10%

Nimble: Motion
Decreases effectiveness of movement imparing effects by 15%

Tangle: Snare *S*
15sec CD 10Focus Melee Range
Deal 110% weapon damage and slow the enemy by 40% for 8seconds.

Tangle: Root *S*
15sec CD 10Focus Melee Range
Deal 110% weapon damage and root the enemy in place for 4seconds.

Tangle: Sweep *S*
15sec CD 10Focus Melee Range
Deal 110% weapon damage and knocking them down for 2seconds.

Avoidance: Physical
Reduces the chance to be hit by physical attacks by 1%

Avoidance: Mental
Reduces the chance to be hit by magic attacks by 1%

Avoidance: Intuition
Reduces the chance to be hit by critical attacks by 1%

React: Physical
When hit by a physical attack you take 10% less damage from all other sources for 5seconds.

React: Mental
When hit by a magic attack you take 10% less damage from all other sources for 5seconds.

React: Intuition
When hit by a critical strike you take 10% less damage for 5seconds.

When you enter combat the next attack on you pacifies the enemy for 3seconds.
(No Deminish)

While out of combat you move 20% faster.

When you enter combat the next enemy to attack you is silenced and disarmed for 3seconds.
(No Deminish)

Quick Feet: Speed
Increases the speed bonus of your fleet footed passive to 4%

Quick Feet: Distance
Increases the stacking amount of your fleet footed passive to 10.

Quick Feet: Time
Increases the duration of your fleet footed passive to 15seconds.

Mine: Expose *E*
Place a mine at your location that explodes when approched by an enemy. Dealing 200%weapon damage to enemies in 10yards and reducing their armor by 50% for 10seconds.

Mine: Impare *E*
Place a mine at your location that explodes when approched by an enemy. Dealing 150%weapon and fire damage to enemies in 10yards and reducing their movement speed by 50% for 10seconds.

Mine: Impact *E*
Place a mine at your location that explodes when approched by an enemy. Dealing 200%weapon damage to enemies in 10yards and knocking them back 10yards.


Fetal Blow *1*
10 Focus. Melee Range.
Attempt to kill the target. Dealing 500% weapon damage plus 10% of that damage. Only works on
enemies bellow 10% health.
Critical strikes generate 20 focus.

Inject Infection*2* 
15sec CD. 30 Focus. Melee Range.
Inject the enemy with an infection that causes them to bleed for 50% of the damage they take for the next 10seconds. Your critical strikes against this target generate 5 focus.

Devised *3*
10sec CD 10 Focus. Melee Range.
Deal 100% weapon damage and an extra 100% of that over 5seconds.
Critical strike restores 10 focus.

Deffinitive Strike *4*
10 Focus Melee Range.
Deal 150% weapon damage plus 10% of that damage to the enemy target. This attack cannot be avoided. Critical strike restores 5 focus.

Swift Footed *mb1*
10sec CD 10Focus
Increases your movement speed by 50% for 5seconds.

Sneak *Z*
10sec CD
Stealthed while moving and camouflaged while standing still.
You move 20% slower but abities dont cost focus.
Cannot be usd in combat.
Last 10seconds or untill cancelled.

Sleep Phumes *X*
30sec CD 10Focus
Leave a 10yard radius of  phumes that keeps enemies inside asleep untill the end of its durration or untill they take damage. Last 5seconds.

Capture Spell *C*
2min CD 20Focus
You capture the next harmful spell cast on you causing it to effect the next enemy you attack instead.

Villan's Vengence *v*
1min CD 10Focus.
The next time you take damage you become invisible for 5seconds.

Scatter Brain *s1*
8sec CD 5Focus. Melee Range
Disorrient the target for 2sec. 
(No diminish)

Obscure Strike *s2*
15sec CD 10Focus. Melee Range.
Strike the enemy for 150% weapon damage and causing you to gain 10% extra dodge and chance to be missed for 5seconds.

Con Cast *s3*
10sec CD 15Focus. Melee Range.
Interrupt the enemy preventing them from using any spell from that school of magic for 3seconds. If they cast again within 2seconds they are silenced for 1second.

Swift Minded *s4*
30sec CD 50Focus
Increases your attack speed by 50% and focus regeneration by 50% for 10seconds.

Prepare *s5*
Reduces the cooldown of your spells in half for 30seconds.

Recover *r*
20sec CD 25Focus
Heal yourself for 5% max health and 50% of the damage you take for 10 seconds.

Intel *Q*
2min CD 25Focus.
For 20seconds you deal 20% more damage and track enemies that you damage.

Pour Truth *W*
Deal 80% weapon damage in a 15yard radius.

Fleet Footed
When you take damage you gain 2% increased movement speed.
Stacks 5 times.
Last 5seconds.

Shadow Owl
A shadow owl appears to track enemies that you crit for 5 second.

You track hidden while someone is hidden in 20yards of you.


Compliment Assault: Sniper
Whenever a raid member in 30 yards deals critical damage you shoot the same target for 10% or the damage.

Sniper Advantage
Increases the damage you do with ranged attacks by 10%.

Sharp Shooter
You deal 5% more damage to enemies that are further than 10yards away


Compliment Assault: Recon
Whenever a raid member in 30 yards deals critical damage you are healed for 1% of the damage.

Recon Advantage
Increases the range of your melee range abilities by 10yards.

Double Cross
Increases the damage you do with ranged and melee attacks by 5% and reduces the damage you take by 5%.


Compliment Assault: Spy
Whenever a raid member in 30 yards deals critical damage you do 10% more damage for 10seconds.

Spy Advantage
Increases the damage you do with melee attacks by 10%.

Spy Instinct
Chance to be seen in stealth and invisibility effects reduced by 10%.

Your sneak no longer cancels after 10aeconds.


Your Tangle ability effects enemies in 10yards of the target.