Wildcard (Game)


A - Jump
B - Defensive
X -  Power Up
Y - Juke (3yards, 2secCD)
LT - Block (50% damage taken from front)
RT - Attack
LB - Ability 1
RB - Ability 2
LS - Sprint
RS - Melee




Health: 260%

Weapon: Short Sword (100% damage, melee range, fast speed.)

Melee: Power Strike - Lunge forward 10yards dealing 200% damage to the enemy over 5sec. 25secCD.

Defensive: Power Shield - Reduces all damage taken by 75% for 5sec. 25secCD.

Power Up: Footing - Increases movement speed by 100% for 4sec. 15secCD.

Ability 1: Step - Step forward 25yards. 35secCD.

Ability 2: Sweeping Strike  - Deal 185% damage to all enemies within 8yards. 12secCD.


Health: 225%

Weapon: Sector (75% damage, 30yard range, slow speed.)

Melee: Correspond - Stun the enemy for 1.5sec. Breaks block. 20secCD.

Defensive: Shell - Reduce all damage taken by 100% for 3sec. 25secCD.

Power Up: Rival - Your attacks deal 100% more damage for 10sec. 1minCD.

Ability 1: Blink - Blink forward 25yards. 1minCD.

Ability 2: Destructive Demand - Deal 150% damage to all enemies within 100yards over 10sec. 1minCD.


Health: 300%

Weapon: Staff (25% damage,  25% healing. 30yard range, normal speed.)

Melee: Risk - Teleport to the nearest friendly player within 45yard. 45secCD.

Defensive: Prayer - Heal yourself for 10% total and current health. 10secCD.

Power Up: Holy Power  - Increase all healing you do and take by 100% for 15sec. 1minCD.

Ability 1: Bend - Increases the distance of your juke by 6yards for 15sec. 45secCD.

Ability 2: Bless - Heal all friendly players within 25yards for 25% of their total and current health. 25secCD.


Health: 180%

Weapon: Throwing Cards (60% damage, 35yard range, normal speed.)

Melee: Check - Knock down the enemy for 1.5sec. 25secCD.

Defensive: Disappear - Become invisible and obscure to all attacks for 2.5sec. 35secCD.

Power Up: Stealth - Become invisible until your next attack or until you take damage. 3minCD.

Ability 1: Dart - Put the enemy to sleep for 8sec. Breaks with damage. 55secCD.

Ability 2: Trick - Gain 200% of your current health for 5sec. 35secCD.